Instructor FAQ

Class Length: Classes typically run for one and a half to two hours per session. (There are some classes that require longer sessions.) Some classes are just one session and some are multiple sessions, depending on the course material.

Tuition Levels: The appropriate tuition per student varies from class to class and depends on the instructor’s relevant educational background, profession and experience, as well as the number of sessions required for the course material. Williamsburg Learning Tree staff will work with you to determine the right tuition level for your course(s).

Materials Fees: If your course requires that you purchase materials for the students, such as ingredients for a cooking class or art supplies for a painting class, please calculate the costs and inform the Williamsburg Learning Tree. We will collect these fees when we collection tuition and will reimburse you for the specified amount.

Class Size: As the instructor, you set the minimum and maximum class size. If the minimum number of students does not enroll by seven (7) days prior to the class date, you have the option of cancelling the class. If more than the minimum number want to enroll, you have the option of putting students on a waiting list or scheduling an extra session of the class.

Venues: What is the best venue for your particular class? At your business location? Around a conference table? In your home kitchen? Outdoors? In a larger space where students can spread out? We will work with you to schedule your class at the appropriate venue.

Promotion and Advertising: To help bring in students for your course, the Williamsburg Learning Tree promotes the program in many ways, including its website, paid advertising in some media, including The Virginia Gazette and Facebook, email marketing, a social media presence, public service announcements, local networking functions, appearances at local events, and the distribution of catalogs and brochures.

We welcome your participation in this effort! For example, have a stack of our brochures in your place of business. Invite your friends and colleagues to enroll in your class. Add our logo and website address to your own marketing materials—we are happy to reciprocate. Let us hear your suggestions and recommendations!

Instructor Options: Instructors may take any one Williamsburg Learning Tree class per semester for half price as long as the class is not filled. (Materials fees, however, must be paid in full.) Instructors should register for any class they take so that the Williamsburg Learning Tree knows the class count.

Instructors may invite one unpaid student to attend their class as long as the class is not filled. The instructor is responsible for this guest’s materials fees if they apply. Instructors should register their one invited guest with the Williamsburg Learning Tree.