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The Williamsburg Learning Tree’s First Annual Donation Project!

Even $1.00 will go a long way if that is what you can afford!

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Mike’s Job: I am a High School Special Education Teacher- Behavior Disorder Classroom in Muscatine, Iowa. My day is spent teaching and working with Behavior Disorder students in a self-contained setting. The students in my program are not allowed to move about the school building on their own.

Student Breakfast for the Disadvantaged: When I first started at Muscatine High School, I took over an early morning session with these students, who would report to the kitchen classroom, then sleep, listen to music, etc. while the teacher cooked them breakfast.

These students do not have much at home and often no breakfast. I decided to have THEM cook. When they were able to come to school, and learn a skill, and were able to use that skill to feed themselves and others, they were pretty proud of that. We worked as a team to plan menus and go shopping. The kids would take turns finding recipes online and making shopping lists for those meals. They also were graded on the presentation and taste of the meals by the school administrators.

We’re on the Right Track: A school principal told me that he never would have believed that he would be eating a breakfast prepared by a Behavior Disorder student that was restaurant quality or better. That’s when I knew we were on the right track with this class.

Loss of Funding: The next year we lost the funding for the class because of budget freezes, and the kids no longer have any food to cook. To say they are disappointed would be an understatement.

Can You Help? Any contribution you can make, no matter how large or small, will help us buy breakfast food for these students during the 2017-2018 school year. Your donations are tax-deductible charitable contributions if you make them through the Williamsburg Learning Tree. Just click on the “Donate” button below or give us a call at 757-229-9975.

Thank You! Thank you all so much for considering supporting our program financially. I feel that these young men need this skill so that they are able to provide for themselves and hopefully some day, be able to provide adequate meals for their own families.

Mike Truitt
Muscatine High School
Special Education Teacher

(Note: {ayPal button is FIXED now! Donating is just a click away!)

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